About Us

Sincerity and honesty is a fundamental Business Creed for Sharp Solutions. By committing ourselves to these ideals, we can derive genuine satisfaction from our work while making meaningful contribution to our customers


1.  Our Service agreement in our Office Automation division includes a 30 days cancellation clause should you not be satisfied with our services.  This proves our confidence in meeting your expectations.

2.  Our services on VoIP Solutions has a one year free maintenance from date of installation.  This proves our dedication to your needs and equipping you to utilize all functions.

3.  Our technicians have dedicated areas.  Meaning you will not have various people assisting with different diagnosis.

We offer and supply leading integrated Office Solutions and leading edge Infrastructure Business Solutions-based on Information & Communication Technologies.

Consisting of the following:

•        Multifunction Printers of a wide range; 

•        Security solutions;

•        CCTV equipment; (Axis Gold partners)

•        VOIP & PBX solutions 

•        Network solutions.        

We provide high-quality products and excellent service! Our quality products and services includes satisfied after sales services in all of the above. Our experience and product supply will compliment your company strategy of any industry.        

Sharp Solutions is a leading integrated Office Solutions Company that precisely measures office requirements and business solutions.       

Sharp Solutions ensure that the needs of the client dictate the solution and close client relationships through focused divisions facilitate the different target markets, from the SMME Business sector to Large Corporations.       


* MISSION: Developing with Customer innovative fastening solutions.

* VISION:  We are oriented to supply excellent products and services through cutting-edge technologies. ·  We are determined in preserving and caring for the environment.  We listen to our customers and develop a strong and cooperative relationship with them. ·Total Quality is our work method. ·        Customer satisfaction is our final goal.

* OUR VALUES: · Corporate Vision and Mission derive from those that are the foundation of shared values that guide the activities of the Sharp Solutions Group; and form the basis of our way of being and working. ·  People are the main and constant point of reference for our actions.

* RESPECT: Colleagues, customers, suppliers, environment, rules and principles of working

* PRO-ACTIVITY:   That's our capacity to anticipate events. We cannot wait and only solve problems when they appear. Anticipation will give us a better future because we are building it by ourselves.    

* INNOVATION:  Innovation is everywhere in technology and organizations outside our company. ·  To be innovative we prepare the future, we solve problems and brings to customers new solutions.

* ACCOUNTABILITY:   Accountability means we are responsible for what we do. Individually and collectively. Accountable for the time, the money, all resources spent and the results obtained.

* COMMUNICATION:   Relationships is the link between people. Building constructive relationships between us and with our customers is the basis of our success. Good relationships contribute to good climate to work together.

* TEAM SPIRIT:  The attitudes to work together, sharing information and knowledge through the same objective. We are cooperative.

* CONTINUOUS LEARNING:   Learning, share information & knowledge, gives to everybody more opportunity to grow. What we have learnt years ago will become rapidly obsolete, new learning is vital for all of us. ·  These shared values distinguish Sharp Solutions on the market for its unique style, and inside the company, for the great sense of belonging to all its employees.


We share our values, skills and expertise with our vendors, customers and employees. We concentrate on what we are good at and deliver the best results. We believe business focus keeps our business in good shape which in turn means that our business partners will benefit the most

We assist our clients with critical IT and Communication Infrastructure issues:

1.      The constant drive towards efficient ICT Infrastructure.It’s not about spending money, it is all about investing in your business            Infrastructure to make it more competitive and more profitable.    We add value by designing, implementing and supporting your infrastructure in such a manner that your ICT Infrastructure yields a sustainable ROI.       

2.      Technology Integration   Our experiences span across Information and Communications Technologies. We look at your entire Infrastructure as a combined unit and come up with infrastructure solutions that consider all possibilities. 

 3.      The value of Information assets and Infrastructure   We exploit the value of your information assets and infrastructure, while reducing the physical cost of securing, sharing, distributing and storing such Information.       

4.      Reliable Communications yield profitable customer relations.   We have fully realized that reliable data infrastructure has become a critical component of every successful business. Our infrastructure solutions are resilient, yet adaptable to change.  As the need to broaden your communication reach increases, we anticipate and adapt by staying ahead of emerging technology trends.       

5.      Infrastructure support that understands down-time in SS is down-time in business.Supporting business by ensuring in-time deliverance of technical services is what we do best.